Security Form

We are committed to safety and security at Toronto Pearson, and encourage feedback from our guests regarding aviation security. Please use this form to report observations of criminal activity, actions that are indicative of suspicious behavior, and general security related concerns or queries; the results of which will be promptly reviewed. The purpose of the form is to add a layer of awareness as a component of a proactive system used to identify and mitigate security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. The information submitted is greatly appreciated, and will be investigated by the GTAA Security Coordinators.

If your feedback  is related to an in-flight topic, please contact your Air Carrier.   If you have a comment or question which pertains to Pre-board Screening, Checked Baggage Inspection, or Packing Recommendations, please contact CATSA.

Please note that this form is not intended for reports of immediate safety and emergency situations. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call the Airport Emergency Line (416)776-3033.

Fields marked with an * asterix are required before submitting form.

In the Feedback box, type the details of the event, concern, or question for which you are submitting. Provide as many specifics as possible, including descriptions of who (such a clothing, luggage, vehicle), what, when and where the event occurred.